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History and Background

We are nurses who work in schools and are dissatisfied because school nurses' professional training is neglected by society. Also we wish to change the wrong stereotype regarding school nurses. Because the government has failed to formulate policies governing school health care, we have organized a grassroots movement of school nurses to march, fight for our rights and negotiate to set policies to change the school nurses, professional situation.

Until now, the school nurse system has faced the problem of the number of students far outnumbering the school nurses available so we can not ensure quality professional services to improve student's health. The education system fragments into separate categories student's health problems, so we find again and again variety of problems neglected by government and society. The labor union professional society and those working as school nurses have different roles, so we don't want our profession to be overlooked in the policy making process. The government was neglected school nurse's professional development and education .We were not willing silently obey and be sacrificed to traditional rules. So we decided to link together to demonstrate moving from hurt to action. On August 19,1995,we took to the streets to demonstrate marching and joining together『School angels screaming ---to ask for respect without neglect school health care legal status ,and paying attention to the burdens on school nurses. 』 A year later, on August 19,1996,we founded this association . We organized people working as school nurses to negotiate with the government to make policies, and work together to fight for students, health care rights and school nurses professional development.

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